mysql 6.0


mysql 5.2 is now mysql 6.0:

6.0 is basically the falcon release with subquery optimizer additions.

6.1 Online backup, more subquery optimizations, foreign keys for main engines, and more performance diagnostics.

Online Backup Detail:

  • Cross Engine Support

  • Non-blocking for DML, ie. INSERT UPDATE not blocking

  • Blocking on DDL still

  • SQL command driven

  • Full server database and point in time recovery
  • Nitro Engine:

  • Extreme insertion rates
  • Linear CPU rates


  • In beta
  • Not ACID complient but sort - of
  • Very fast rollbacks
  • Very few config tweaks

    MYSQL Enterprise (Paid use Server)

    • Support, Server, and tools
      • Monitoring Tools:

      • New Replication monitoring

      • New Backup Management

      • Possible problem SQL events monitoring

      • MYSQL Workbench, follow up to dbdesigner

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