JasperSoft & MySQL Partner to Deliver Operational Business Intelligence Solutions to the ISV/OEM Market

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MySQL to Resell JasperSoft’s Advanced Reporting Products

SAN FRANCISCO and CUPERTINO, Calif. -- February 27, 2007 -- JasperSoft Corporation, the market leader in open source business intelligence, and MySQL AB, developer of the world’s most popular open source database, today announced the availability of Jasper for MySQL: OEM Edition, a suite of operational reporting products that includes a high-performance interactive report server, a graphical report creation tool, and a pixel-perfect reporting system with dashboards, tables, crosstabs and charts.

The two companies have signed a joint reseller agreement that allows MySQL to offer the new product to its commercial ISV and OEM customers. JasperSoft will also have the right to resell MySQL’s database solutions as part of the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite.

“MySQL is partnering with JasperSoft to provide our OEM customers with a superior reporting solution for their embedded database applications,” said Mark Burton, MySQL AB’s executive vice president of Worldwide Sales. “This new product will give our OEM customers and their end users an integrated way to quickly and easily get more value out of their business data.”

With Jasper for MySQL, OEMs and ISVs building MySQL-based products can now deliver built-in reporting. Developers can create, store, schedule, distribute, share, drill-down and interact with reports. Developers also get the ability to deliver Web-based ad hoc reporting.

“JasperSoft BI products are already extremely popular with MySQL developers and users around the world,” said Paul Doscher, CEO of JasperSoft. “Our new Jasper for MySQL product makes it even easier for MySQL developers to get advanced BI reporting capabilities and enterprise-class support.”

Enterasys Networks, a company that delivers Secure Networks that ensure the integrity and performance of IT services and the business users who rely on them, uses Jasper for MySQL as an embedded graphical analyzer for managing and analyzing data in server and intrusion detection logs.

“JasperSoft delivers what we want from a reporting solution: easy integration, a robust library, and a low total cost of implementation,” said Ko Baryiames, director of network management at Enterasys Networks. “With JasperSoft, our Dragon Intrusion Detection and Prevention system is able to deliver up-to-the-minute traffic and intrusion reports that were not previously possible.”

Key features of Jasper for MySQL include:

* Ad hoc reporting with a web-based drag-and-drop interface using advanced DHTML and AJAX technology;
* Traditional report output in PDF, HTML, XML, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word (RTF) formats;
* Report scheduling and distribution with time-zone selection, recurrence, begin and end dates, email notification and embedded links;
* Localization support for English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese;
* Seamless embeddability into other software applications;
* Secure report repository;
* iReport drag-and-drop graphical report designer with library of chart types including meter, thermometer, multi-axis charts, and integrated barcode support;
* JasperReports report system to produce complex, printer-ready output with large report support limited only by disk storage resources.

Pricing & Availability

Jasper for MySQL is available immediately from MySQL AB from $195 per server. More details — including how-to-order information — are available at http://www.mysql.com/jasper.
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