TRUMPF Laser to Embed MySQL in its Manufacturing Products

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MySQL Database Selected to Control Solid-State Laser in Real-Time

Munich -- March 1, 2007 -- MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, has added TRUMPF Laser GmbH + Co. KG as a customer for the embedded version of its database. TRUMPF has selected MySQL to control the pulsating solid-state laser in its TruPulse series of welding tools.

TRUMPF TruPulse lasers are used for welding in the automotive industry, in jewelry-making and in medical technology such as the production of dental braces -- all areas in which the highest level of precision is required.

“With MySQL as the central data storage in our new laser control, we attain a clean, stable and easily expandable architecture,” said Rainer Thieringer, head of software development at TRUMPF Laser. “Moreover, the open source concept fits perfectly with TRUMPF’s control philosophy: Every piece of software in the laser control must be validated at the source code level. At the user level, we achieve consistent and stable data management through easier links to production processes.”

The laser system hardware includes an Intel Pentium processor as well as NAND Flash Memory with 16 MB. These elements make it possible for TRUMPF to combine low-priced open source software and standard platforms with high requirements for reliability and performance.

The embedded MySQL database, which has a capacity to hold 30,000 data sets or about 5 MB, stores important information on both the materials under construction and the sensitive settings needed for each pulse of the laser.

In addition, the welding process must be recorded for every single spot-weld. Simply starting and stopping the laser can rack up a total of 100 database entries per second – so up to 90,000 transactions per hour need to be reliably supported. For this reason, real-time qualities are demanded from the underlying Linux operating system as well as from the database.

Kaj Arnö, director of MySQL GmbH, said, “TRUMPF’s use of embedded MySQL in their pulsating laser vouches for the capability and dependability of our database in sophisticated industries like manufacturing. Embedded systems such as these must be self-sufficient, reliable and always available for operation.”

TRUMPF Lasertechnik GmbH + Co. KG in Schramberg, belongs to the TRUMPF group, whose main focus is concentrated in manufacturing and medical technology. The consolidated sales of the TRUMPF group climbed 18 percent in fiscal year 2005-06 to a record 1.65 billion euros. The laser technology business area comprises CO2 lasers, solid-state lasers, marking lasers as well as laser systems. TRUMPF offers an unsurpassed broad spectrum of lasers, laser systems and related services.
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