MySQL Joins Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program

Open Source Database Vendor to Support the Strong & Vibrant Microsoft Development Community

London -- June 27, 2006 -- MySQL AB, the developer of the world’s most popular open source database, today announced its participation in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program as an Alliance-level partner. With over 240 members, Microsoft’s VSIP program gives partners the tools and resources they need to successfully integrate their tools, components and services into the Visual Studio 2005 development environment.

The announcement was made this morning at the inaugural European Open Source Business Conference being held this week at The Brewery event centre, Chiswell Street, London.

”By joining the VSIP program, MySQL is providing its community of developers with more flexibility in building and deploying data driven applications that target the Windows platform,” said Bill Hilf, general manager of platform strategy at Microsoft Corp. “Their decision to join the program highlights the spectrum of developers that are taking advantage of the reliability provided by Windows Server.”






  • 用mysql内置函数转换ip地址和数字

  • 充分利用mysql内置的format函数

  • 利用mysql的内置函数处理时间戳问题
    eg : select FROM_UNIXTIME(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(),'%Y %D %M %h:%i:%s %x');
    结果: 2004 3rd August 03:35:48 2004

  • 利用mysql_convert_table_format转换表类型
    mysql_convert_table_format --user=root --password='xx' --type=myisam test yejr


MySQL Builds Momentum in Telecom Sector

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Tiger Communications, XOU Solutions & Anam Mobile Join Growing List of Telecom Companies Adopting Open Source Database

LONDON -- June 14, 2006 -- MySQL AB, the developer of the world's most popular open source database, is seeing growing momentum in the UK-Ireland telecommunications sector with Tiger Communications, XOU Solutions and Anam Mobile leading a growing number of businesses adopting MySQL® open source database solutions.
MySQL's success in the UK-Ireland telecom sector is reflected elsewhere in Europe. Alcatel, Nokia, Ericsson, Telio and Nortel have all selected MySQL products for important applications in the recent past.

Tiger Communications, a leading global supplier of powerful solutions for voice traffic management, billing and networks in the commercial and hospitality markets, has selected MySQL as the database engine for its Tiger 2020 Pro and Tiger Hotel Pro products.


MySQL Helps Set World Record in Java Application Server Benchmarks

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High-Speed Open Source Software Blaze Past Proprietary Solutions

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- June 12, 2006 -- A popular application server benchmark, featuring a complete open source software stack with MySQL 5.0 database, the Solaris™ 10 Operating System, and Sun Java™ Systems Application Server 9.0 Platform Edition (Project GlassFish SM) has shattered the competition by offering up to 8.6 times lower cost of acquisition than the comparable solution (1,4), according to the benchmark test results published at

Maintained by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC®), the SPECjAppServer®2004 test is a recognized industry standard benchmark used to measure performance of Java EE application server platforms and each of the components that make up the application environment -- including hardware, database software, JDBC drivers, JVM software and the system network. It is designed to model a real-world automotive dealership application, including manufacturing, supply-chain management and an order/inventory system.


Leading French Retailers select MySQL for their Supply Chain Management

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Paris -- May 30, 2006 -- Franprix and Leader Price have chosen MySQL, the world's
most popular open source database, to manage the data in their
enterprise-wide supply chain and product distribution platforms -- servicing
over 620 Franprix stores and 490 Leader Price outlets.

The MySQL-based information system covers all the business needs of the
entire supply and distribution chain: from purchase management, order
preparation, warehouse logistics, and product inventory for all the Franprix
and Leader Price stores.

The retailers' IT group selected the open source database while migrating to
a more modern architecture and consolidating its hardware and software


A Practical Guide to Migrating From Oracle to MySQL

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Tuesday June 13 , 2006

With the rapid growth of MySQL in the database market, many corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and others have begun to migrate away from their expensive and proprietary databases. Of course, a migration from any database is not something to be taken lightly, and so countless organizations are considering their options for migrating to MySQL.

In particular, many MySQL customers are migrating from Oracle because they have reached the conclusion that the combination of cost-savings and feature set of MySQL make for a compelling business case to offload some or all their database-driven applications to the MySQL database server.


MySQL 同步(五)

6.9 同步 FAQ

: master还在运行中,如何在不停止它的情况下配置slave?

: 需要设计几个选项参数。如果已经有了master的备份并且记录了数据快照二进制日志文件名以及偏移位置(运行 SHOW MASTER STATUS 查看结果),执行以下步骤:

  1. 确定slave指定了一个唯一的服务器编号。

  2. 在slave上执行如下语句,把一些选项值改成实际值:
        ->     MASTER_HOST='master_host_name',


我现在用的是drupal 4.6.x系列的,它需要php4.3.10以上(似乎是这样),但是本站所在的服务器php版本并没有那么高,直接使用就报错:
Compilation failed: characters with values > 255 are not yet supported in classes at offset 143
Compilation failed: characters with values > 255 are not yet supported in classes at offset 52
于是google之,发现是因为preg_match函数不支持的缘故。在本机上用php 4.3.1调试没问题,但是一放到服务器上就有问题,干脆把这个函数相关的3行都改改。
$text = preg_replace('/(['. PREG_CLASS_NUMBERS .']+)['. PREG_CLASS_PUNCTUATION .']+(?=['. PREG_CLASS_NUMBERS .'])/u', '\1', $text);


初步完成"MySQL 同步"




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